Women’s shinty┬áis a sport, played alomst entirely in Scotland, similar to the men’s game – with the modified rules, smaller sized pitches and same equipment. However, its history is significantly different. Social pressures – along with the broader game’s self image – resulted in a largely hidden history until comparatively recently.


The Women’s Camanachd Association was established in 2001 to develop and promote womens shinty. Prior to this, womens shinty teams such as Dunadd, Glengarry and Oban were regularly playing each other, but the formation of the womens association enabled the organisation of league competition and the promotion of womens shinty as a priority. Past Presidents of the Association have included Ali Rothe of Strathglass, Lisa Norman of GMA and Karen Cameron of Glengarry.

In 2004 the Shinty/Camogie international match was started as part of the celebrations of 100 years of the Camogie Association.
The High School Girls League was initiated in the North by Badenoch stalwart Jane Nicol in 2009, and this has now expanded to cover the whole of Scotland.

With National Division 1, North and South Division’s 2. North vs South and joining up with the Camanachd Association to be part of the annual International Squads.

Women’s Shinty continues to develop and with the support of volunteers and the CA, we hope that 2012 will bring new and exciting developments within the Women’s game.


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